Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means Cupid is shooting his arrows! If you’re preparing to go out on a date, be ready for butterflies, awkward silences, and a list of conversation starters, right? Think again! Starting a romantic date doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable! Lean into a new connection by being fully present. This takes away all the expectations, guess work, and nervousness, allowing you to easily see if the connection is real. Keep in mind these three tips for connecting to your partner.

3 Ways to Fully Connect and Be Present on a Date

1. Be Curious

The best dates flow effortlessly, with charm. Be real and authentic in nature when meeting with your new partner and use the quality time to ask them questions. Genuine curiosity will help you get to know this person and open up the room for deeper conversation. Ask about their life adventures, family, friends, and interests. Have some fun with it and take risks!

2. Disconnect From Technology

romantic date

Bottom line, put your phone down. Research shows that being distracted by your phone, even briefly, decreases the quality of connection between people. Even if you’re looking up a quick fact, or picture… just make a note, and do it later. Playing with your phone takes you out of the moment and into the vortex of the internet.

3. Forget About the Past

A romantic date can be smothered by talking about past relationships. Simply, don’t bring up past dates, exes, or negative people. This can put a damper on the mood and start swinging the energy into negativity. You don’t need to share all the details of your heartbreak with your new partner. Instead, focus on what you want and what you’re excited about. This will make for positive, hopeful, and exciting conversation.


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