You may be surprised to know that overeating actually has nothing to do with food, and everything to do with how you feel. The feelings usually stem from uncomfortable emotions we’re trying to avoid. While smaller portions, a consistent exercise routine, and dieting are common methods of losing weight, it’s actually much easier to tackle the problem from a psychological level.

3 Reasons You’re Overeating and How to Stop

1. It Brings You Pleasure

Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your food… Actually, everyone should! The problem stems from a lack of joy present in your life in other areas. If you find yourself visiting the fridge or pantry more than you’d like, it could be because it makes you happy. This psychological routine makes you return to food because you desire an innate sense of joy. Try to adjust your activities and behaviors to structure your life so you can take joy from many different experiences and kick the habit of overeating.

2. You’re Too Busy

A busy life translates through all aspects of your day, including how fast you eat. If you’re in a hurry, distracted, or multi-tasking, you may not realize how fast you’re eating. It takes the body 20 minutes to register that it’s full, and by eating too fast you’re not giving yourself time to listen to your body. You may also grab quick, easy food sources that aren’t good for you. Instead, practice these psycho-spiritual eating guidelines:

• Eat exactly what appeals to you when you’re hungry

• Stop eating when you’re full

• Feel what you’re feeling when you’re not hungry.

3. You Use Food as a Distraction

It’s hard to feel super positive all the time, no matter how much meditation and gemstone healing you do. The truth is, sometimes it’s natural to look for a distraction from the uncomfortable feelings you’re feeling. Food is an easy and common distraction that brings an enticing level of enjoyment, but it’s easy to get carried away and start avoid dealing with how you feel. The real reason for overeating, in this scenario, has nothing to do with food. The sooner you can take care of how you feel, and sit with the uncomfortable feelings for a while, the sooner you’ll stop compulsively pulling out your phone to order Postmates.


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