What is Hypnotherapy Coaching?

Scheduly Your Hypnotherapy Session on Fullerton What is Hypnotherapy Coaching?

Most of our time spent together will be in a coaching discussion:  getting clear on what you want, understanding what’s been going on, and exploring new possibilities, like thinking habits that help you rather than stress you out!  The last twenty minutes of our session we will ‘anchor’ your new ways of looking at things using my proven process of contextual coaching, hypnosis and therapeutic imagery.  

You will always be alert during a hypnotherapy session. It’s a common misconception that some people cannot be hypnotized. We are all in hypnosis every day, from time to time. When a song triggers thoughts and emotions, that’s called “environmental hypnosis.” When you pass your freeway exit because you were lost in thought, that’s hypnosis too. And when you go to the movies and experience suspense, excitement or nostalgia, you’re in hypnosis. Your conscious, thinking brain knows it’s all just a bunch of actors on a screen, yet your subconscious responds, your heart races, you laugh, or a tear comes to your eye. Your subconscious is vast and dominant. Weight loss, as an example, can be attained with the tools of hypnotherapy. Many a diet has failed when the conscious and subconscious are in opposition. Despite your decision to eat right, your subconscious “needs” that cookie to feel better, and the diet fails. Since the needy subconscious is emotionally dominant, it’s important to make friends with it and get it on your team. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a specialist in subconscious behavior modification.  I’ve also been a transformational coach for the past thirty plus years, so you are in competent, capable hands.

You’ll always be in control when you’re in hypnotherapy. If you wanted, you could even walk out. But you won’t, because hypnosis feels good. In fact, it feels amazing.

We work as a team, and you are in charge of the changes you want to make. When you take care of your conscious choices in your conscious mind, and I use hypnosis to place your decisions into your subconscious mind, voila! 100% of your total mind power falls into alignment. Imagine the possibilities! You’ll be limitless when you make your subconscious your best friend.


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