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How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Your Parents

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Your Parents

The relationship you had with your parents as a child develops as you emotionally evolve and grow into an adult. A healthy relationship highlights the positive aspects of each of you, and accepts the parts of each other you cannot change. It can sometimes be challenging to maintain a happy, supportive relationship as you grow up, but it’s possible for parents and their adult-children to still feel connected and loving with a little effort.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Your Mom and Dad

1. Take Care of Yourself

This is the first, and most important step in any healthy relationship. If you over-extend yourself, or agree to do something you don’t want to do, you will likely build up resentment and unpleasant feelings. Always take your goals and desires into account when establishing your parent relationship.

2. Set Boundaries

Whether you’re constantly going over to their house, or they want to come to yours, it may be a good idea to set some boundaries on what you’re both comfortable with. Kids and parents have a very personal relationship, but as you get older, you’ll find there’s space for privacy and personal preference. You may enjoy going to dinner with your parents once per week or once per month. This is the chance for you to figure out what works for you, your schedule, and your lifestyle. Be clear about what you want out of the relationship so you can all be on the same page.

3. Be Flexible

Neither of you are the same person you were 10 or 20 years ago. The key to a fruitful, long-lasting relationship is to let it evolve, and to let each other grow. Each of you will likely go through career changes, impactful life events, and other experiences that can be used as chances to evolve how you communicate. You may find that you speak to them more as an equal, and look for more independent ways to solve your problems.

4. Be Friends


When you treat your parents as equal adults, you may be surprised to find they are some of your best friends. You might make each other laugh and enjoy spending time together. As you get older, take time to appreciate your parents for who they are, their upbringing, and the experiences they’ve had. They are their own person maneuvering the roller coaster of life and you can connect to that similarity in both of you. Be honest, communicative, and respectful just as you would be with a good friend.

5. Participate In Common Activities

You may have, or find, activities you enjoy doing together. You may want to go for a hike, play some golf, or attend a yoga class. These interest-based activities build closeness by focusing on what you have in common. If you have a hard time connecting with your parent, this could be a good activity to try.


Janna Colaco at Mechanics of Grace Hypnotherapy in Fullerton, CA can help you create closer relationships and connections by helping you clear away doubt, fear, or traumatic experiences from your subconscious. Whether you want to improve a closer family relationship, or want to branch out and meet new people, hypnosis can help you create clear goals, connect to your values and attract your most desired outcome. Janna provides services that help improve self confidence, building relationships, fear and anxiety relief, and more. Contact her at (714) 269-6908 for more information or to ask about a free consultation. Stay connected by following Mechanics of Grace’s Instagram and Facebook pages. For answers to some of her client’s most frequently asked questions, visit Janna’s website.

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