Rates / Pricing

Hypnotherapy Sessions in Fullerton

First Sessions

Up to 2 Hours


Subsequent Sessions

90 Minute Sessions



Additional Time

(If Available) Prorated at $50/Hour

$25/15 Minute Blocks

Member of the American Hypnosis Association & Hypnotherapists Union Local 472

Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking/Groups: Contact Janna at (714) 269-6908, or email jannacolaco@mac.com, and we will come up with a budget that fits your needs.


How long is a session?

For your first session, plan on spending two hours.  Follow up sessions are 90 minutes. Click here to schedule your hypnotherapy session in Orange County, California.

How many sessions will I need?

You will soon get a sense of how many sessions you need, depending on the number of issues you want to address. How complex is your issue? How many topics do you want to address? Each client is unique. Click here to schedule your first appointment at our Fullerton, California location.