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Hypnotherapy Coaching

From Worry, Stress and Anxiety to Freedom!

(Some conditions may require medical or psychological referral— your 30 minute consultation with me is always free.)

For most people who are chronic worriers, it takes a good three months to thoroughly address and re-wire healthy subconscious thinking habits and overcome destructive ones.   

That being said, most of my clients report feeling immense relief after the first session.

Although hypnotherapy has traditionally been seen as behavior modification, my unique approach deals much deeper at the level of cause.  I mean hey, you want to pull those weeds out by the roots, not just mow off the tops, right?  Changing the behavior without addressing the underlying beliefs or traumas that cause the behavior is a short-lived proposition.

Helping people to quit worrying is my specialty, and it is the highlight of my day to watch you go from afraid to confident, happy, creative, peaceful, powerful and free!  

I’m committed and passionate about this topic, so spectacular results are typical.  A 90 day commitment is recommended, but you’re the boss!  We can discuss your specific needs and tailor the number of sessions to your personal requirements.

My proven process includes hypnotherapy coaching sessions, your choice of in person or Zoom, unlimited daily email support, reading list and course materials, for daily support and reinforcement.

I take credit/debit cards, cash, checks, and Venmo.

What would your life be like if your anxiety was gone?

Complete 12 Session Program:  $1,600

6 Sessions:  $850

A La Carte Sessions:


Body Image, Weight Loss, Overcoming Emotional Eating in 90 Days

Do you beat yourself up in the mirror?   Have you been using shame as a motivational tool?  If someone could hear how you talk to yourself, would child protective services come in and take you away???

You will learn to internalize positive motivation so that weight loss and exercise become a “get to” rather than a “have to”. and, as my grandma used to say, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!”   

Prepare to permanently overcome unhealthy thinking habits surrounding weight loss and body image, and embrace physical movement as the best part of your day!  Re-wire your brain to crave healthy food and actually prefer it, soften stress, and get enthused and open to the possibility that you can finally have the body you always wanted without drudgery and deprivation! 

My proven process includes weekly hypnotherapy coaching sessions, in person or Zoom, all reading lists, homework, and any session recordings, plus unlimited email access for support.

12 sessions paid in full:  $1,600 or 6 sessions at a time:  $850

Any Post Weight Loss Course Sessions:



Quit Smoking with Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy is the best way to desensitize your smoking triggers and give yourself the confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


Everyone I’ve ever hypnotized to quit smoking comes in nervous and worried.  Don’t be scared!  This process is highly personal, since all of us (myself included) smoked for different reasons, for different lengths of time, and have our own triggers.  Let’s get started!  I’ll help you make something that you thought would be hard easier than you ever imagined.  The three sessions will be around two hours in length and will be very thorough.  A reinforcement recording will be included, but probably won’t be needed!


Three session Quit Smoking package:  $495





Navigating Major Life Changes

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are a human.  If you are a human, your brain is resistant to change.  Uneasiness creeps in when we are faced with new chapters, even if they are something we want!  So understand you are not crazy, you are just human.  Whether the change you are facing is regarding your relationship status, your job, a move, or the unknown in general, we can work together to ease the transition into what may just be the best time of your life.  Session packages never expire.  

12 sessions:  $1,600  

6 sessions:  $850

3 sessions:  $435


A La Carte Sessions:



Custom Discount Packages for:  

Relationship Issues


Healthy Boundaries

Inner Child Work

PTSD or Trauma Healing

Habit Control


Sports Performance


Other Issues?  Ask Me!  


Our initial consultation, either over the phone, Zoom, or in person, is always free for the first 30 minutes.  I will help you get an idea of how many sessions you want.  If you opt for a discount package, the sessions never expire.

12 sessions:  $1,600

6 sessions:  $850 3 sessions: $435

A La Carte Sessions:  $150 


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Group Coaching

Have a group that could use some empowerment?  Let’s talk.  Call me at (714)269-6908 or email jannacolaco@mac.com and we’ll set up a plan to fit your needs.