When you think about getting healthy or try to lose weight, you may contemplate going on a diet, drinking a gallon of water per day, or making it to the gym a few times per week. A healthy body also includes a healthy mind, which similarly, can be trained to perform the way you choose. Teach yourself to find enjoyment in a healthy lifestyle and look forward to every step of the process. This can ensure lasting results and tons of fun!

The Benefits of Exercising & Eating a Balanced Diet

With a consistent exercise routine and diet of whole foods, you can expect to see some pretty amazing physical 

and mental results. Who wouldn’t want their physical body to feel and look great from a healthy routine? It seems so simple! Benefits include:

Physical Benefits

– Strengthen endurance

– Strengthen immune system

– Increase sexual function

– Increase blood flow and tissue stimulation which can reduce the effects of aging

– Lower cholesterol

– Lose weight

Mental Benefits

– Improve mood

– Increase energy

– Improve sleep

– Heighten self-esteem

– Sharpen memory and thinking

– Relieve stress

– Reduce depression & anxiety

Overcoming Mental Health Obstacles to Exercise

Sometimes simply putting on your tennis shoes and goin for a walk seems like hard work. Planning frequent healthy meals can seem like a chore. This is part of why a strong mental exercise program is important for staying consistent with a healthy routine. Improve your motivation and dedication by braking down negative blocks to change.

Start Small

Significant change doesn’t always happen overnight, so create some realistic goals that will help you keep track of your progress. Reward yourself for small milestones and don’t forget about mindfulness practices. A healthy mind keeps you motivated and consistent so you can reach your goals through a good routine.

You Can Do It

When your attitude matches your dreams, anything seems possible. Treatments like hypnotherapy can help remove negative blocks to change or an underlying problem that may be preventing you from seeing the changes you’re looking for. These can include anxiety, fear, lack of self confidence, self sabotage, overwhelm, boredom, trauma, and others. By removing the root of the problem, you can design new habits to replace harmful old ones! It’s never too late to start. You can do it!


If you’re ready to create new, healthy habits, utilize the expertise and experience of Clinical Hypnotherapist, Janna Colaco at Mechanics of Grace Hypnotherapy. Whether you’d like help you lose weight, gain self-esteem, or improve sports performance, hypnosis could be the treatment you’ve been looking for. Janna has mentored and worked with athletes, coaches, teachers, doctors, and other professionals in the health and wellness industry to implement positive change. She’s ready to help you! Visit her website for a complete list of services or call (714) 269-6445 to ask about FaceTime and phone sessions for people living outside of Fullerton, CA. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram