Imagine you had the ability to meet and converse directly with your own inner guides… those wise, loving beings who have only your best interest at heart. If you’ve ever sat with an intuitive healer who reported seeing an angel, guide or loved one close by, you may have thought, “Wow!  I wish I could see my own guides… I wish I could do that!”  With hypnotherapy, you can.  I help clients achieve these connections every day. Guides can help us in times of our greatest need.  If we’re lonely, afraid or confused, our guides can soothe us with love, comfort, healing or clarity.  The relaxation achieved under hypnotherapy releases resistance, allowing you to meet your guides personally.Here are three major advantages to having your own relationship with an inner guide:

1.  To experience unconditional love.  Despite our sometimes-rocky life situations, a true wise, loving guide has unconditional love for us.  Under hypnosis, we speak with our guides face to face and heart to heart.  Their love fills us in ways that affect us profoundly.  Feeling loved at this level helps us to overcome self-doubt and experience worthiness.  We heal and move forward, opening to greater joy with less clinginess and dependence on our imperfect earthly partners.

2.  Have access to universal wisdom.  When we see ourselves through the eyes of our guide, we know how strong and capable we are.  Life decisions can be made clear with the help of our guide.  Should we quit our job?  Move to that new city?  Change our relationship status?  Which path is the right one for us?  A true wise, loving inner guide has only our best interest at heart, helping with all kinds of decisions.

3.  To have someone we can trust.  Guides are trustworthy.  A loving inner guide has so much compassion and tenderness that we can share anything… our heart is safe and protected.

Later, our guides might go with us to heal our inner child, or receive understanding from a past life.  We feel secure and protected, just in case things get sticky.  A guide can pull out past trauma, help to block us from our own insecurities, and shield us from the impact of negative people or thoughts.

Nothing comforts, strengthens, or provides courage and insight like a close inner guide relationship.  They come whenever needed, always and ever-ready to help, empower and light the way for us anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Brainstorm about your goals and dreams.  Bring in your questions.  Find your guide… it’s a relationship that will last a lifetime!