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Best Types of Exercise to Promote Mental Clarity

Best Types of Exercise to Promote Mental Clarity

Physical activity and exercise directly affect the brain, releasing endorphins and serotonin that help manage feelings of depression and boosting cognitive function. Exercising doesn’t have to be an extremely strenuous or intense activity to provide these positive benefits. You can enjoy a low-impact routines to achieve mental clarity and physical wellbeing.

3 of the Best Exercises to Improve Your Mental Well-being

1. Walkingexercise

Low impact exercises like walking, or even a light jog, improve circulation and the delivery of nutrients to your brain. Nature has boundless benefits, and taking a short (or long) walk around a park, neighborhood, or nature trail can reduce stress, depression, and improve your mood. The important thing is to just get moving. Start small and work your way up to longer, more energized intervals.

2. Swimming

There’s nothing that compares to a cannonball into the pool. This full-body cardio workout is great for joint pain, and helps alleviate stress. A few laps back and forth will likely easily raise your heart rate and make you focus on your breath. Let your mind go blank as you focus on the repetition of your movements and the sound of the water. It’s a very meditative practice that can be performed easily or you can push yourself for a challenging workout.

3. Yoga

Tight, stiff muscles can create uncomfortable physical and mental side effects. Aches, pain, and the feeling of limitation can easily be avoided with a consistent stretching routine. Release tension, improve your flexibility, and build strength all at the same time with yoga. There are many different styles that focus on aspects like flow, breath, and acrobatics. Take your pick and incorporate it into your daily routine for a mental and physical boost!


When it comes to exercising, consistency is key. It’s much easier to stick to a healthy routine when you love what you’re doing! Hypnotherapy can help you develop a positive habit of enjoying the process of being healthy. For details on how to incorporate a new lifestyle routine into your life, contact certified Hypnotherapist and Imagery Facilitator, Janna Colaco at Mechanics of Grace Hypnotherapy. She is available for in-office session in Fullerton, CA as well as phone and FaceTime sessions upon request. Visit her website for more information or call (714) 869-6445 to schedule an appointment. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for daily posts.

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