A best friend has stand-out qualities that make them an asset to your life and home in your heart. I mean, who would we be without our best friends to support and inspire us? They encourage us through life’s ups and downs, and spend time with us on Thanksgiving! A close friend is important for your emotional well-being and they provide a solid support network that help us enjoy life to the fullest.

4 Important Traits of Every Best Friend

1. Humorous

best friend

Do you find yourselves rolling on the floor laughing when you and your friend are in the same room? A best friend knows just how to make you laugh, and you’ll probably laugh at the same things. A sense of humor that’s in sync with yours makes for enjoyable gatherings and stimulating conversations. If they can make you pee your pants by talking about shared experiences or personal jokes, they’re a keeper.

2. Honest

This is by far the most significant characteristic of a best friend. If someone can tell you the truth, whether it’s about the broccoli in your teeth or a major life decision, it’s a sign they genuinely care about you and are invested in your long-term happiness. This straightforward trait sets the foundation for a long-lasting and deeply rewarding relationship.

3. Non-Judgmental

There are plenty of people who will put you down, but your best friend is not one of them. They’ll help you feel confident about who you are and put themselves in your shoes to empathize your situation. Your best friend will be there to listen to your problems and help you figure out the next right step.

4. Respectful

A best friend is respectful of your belongings, feelings, and other relationships. They have your best intentions at heart and know what is important to you. They feel like family and can be trusted with any aspect of your life. This trait allows you to forage through life together and help each other reach your goals.


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